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About Our Box

Image3About CrossFit 5th Ave

Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave is a world-class CrossFit box located ideally between Bryant Park and the Empire State Building on 37th and 5th Ave. In our 10,000 square-foot facility we offer a broad training program that is suitable for any level of fitness. We are also attached to a 2,500 sq ft Reebok retail store (Fit-Hub) on the corner of 37th and 5th Ave.

Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave is powered by RhinoCo Fitness. It is part of Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach (est. 2010) and IMT CrossFit (est. 2007).  We take pride in building the highest quality CrossFit facilities and staff with only the best of the best. Our coaching staff has many years of CrossFit training experience.  We have worked with some of the best athletes and coaches in the world and we are positive we can help you reach your fitness goals.

Our program is based on CrossFit methodology. This means we do constantly varied, functional movements (like squats and push-ups) at a high-intensity. Functional movements are organic in nature, innate to our DNA and essential to our quality of life. We train for longevity, we train for health and most of all, and we train for fun.

In our gym, we have pull-up bars, ropes and rings. We have free weights and kettle bells. We have rowing machines and jump ropes. Most importantly, we are a family.  We have a community of athletes of all abilities led by the best CrossFit coaches who teach movements, coach form and inspire group workouts many times a day.  We are going to make sure that everyday you leave us feeling a little bit (or a lot) better than how you entered.

Interested in Dropping In?

Daily drop-in fees (see “Other Membership Plans” below) are $30 for members of another CrossFit affiliate and $40 for non-affiliated CrossFitters. The drop-in weekly rate is $100.

To attend class as a drop-in, you must have prior CrossFit experience (the equivalent of Fundamentals or Elements at another CrossFit affiliate). There is no need to contact us before a drop-in, just show up 15 minutes before class and sign in at the front desk. Please check the schedule on our site to see when we hold class (all sessions accept drop-ins!).

About RhinoCo Group

The RhinoCo Group is an organization that was built on the strong belief that, through fitness, the world can be changed one person at the time. We stand by the idea that our boxes, members, staff, coaches, supplements, athletes, and partners are the driving force of the fitness community around world.

RhinoCo has partnered with major companies in the fitness industry such as Reebok, leading us to power successful projects, like the first ever Reebok CrossFit affiliate in the world. After establishing Reebok CrossFit Miami Beach we have grown our partnership to launch a vision of a Fit Hub Concept Store attached to a CrossFit gym.

We accomplished that by securing 10,000 sq. ft. in the heart of Manhattan to open Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave mid 2012. As Reebok and RhinoCo’s partnership grows, opening more flagship locations in NYC and around the globe, you can expect us to successfully continue exposing the world to a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Welcome to the world of the RhinoCo Group, defining the full circle of wellness.


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