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Our Culture



When you walk into Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave we want you to realize that you are walking into an environment where we are going to help you do something you’ve never done in your life for the first time. It might be an unassisted pull-up, ring dip or muscle up.  It might be PR’ing on one of your lifts.  It might just be squatting with correct form or discovering that you have muscles in places you never realized.

These moments are insanely exciting, and this is what is so awesome about CrossFit in general and we like to think especially at our box.  There are not a ton of places you can say, with total honesty, “today I’m going to be challenged in a way I never have before, and I will overcome that challenge!”  Very few things feel as good as overcoming a challenge, achieving a goal and/or successfully doing something you were never able to do before.  And the coolest part is, as you get fitter and healthier, you get new goals and you find new ways to challenge yourself.

You’re Part of Our Community

Our coaches understand this can be a challenging time for some and embrace it and relish the opportunity to help you reach your goals, and help you continue to challenge yourself.  We will be there to celebrate your successes and also when things don’t go as you hoped your planned help you evaluate what went wrong and how to correct things for the future.  Our members realize that we are all in this together to get better and fitter and healthier and we try to help each other however we can.

CrossFit can seem intimidating but here at 5th Ave we’d like you to view it more like a big dog that might look scary but actually loves to cuddle.  We’re going to do everything in our ability to make you feel comfortable and welcomed.  Lots of classes have regulars who come to specifically workout with other members who they met here at 5th Ave.  Of course if you prefer to just come, get your workout in and leave you obviously have that option, but you can also make new friends and almost take on a new family, who all share similar interests in terms of leading healthier lives.  At the end of the day, that’s what its all about, being healthier and happier, looking good and feeling good, getting fitter and having fun in the process, and sure why not make some new friends as well.

Going the Extra Mile

We have specialty classes in addition to our traditional CrossFit classes, and outside of just our classes we participate in events for charities, local competitions and/or adventure races, have guest speakers and coaches visit, host special seminars for members.  There is almost always something on our calendar, and its not always all work either, as we’ll have social events throughout the year as well.

And we can talk about ourselves until we’re blue in the face, but the best thing you can do would be drop in try out a class, talk to a coach, talk to some members and see for yourself if Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave is right for you.



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