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Jenn Kang
Jenn was first introduced to Crossfit in 2009 and received her Level 1 certification and has been coaching since 2011. She is a firm believer that CrossFit is an effective training method, but most of all, she is an advocate for complete health and fitness, to include proper nutrition as the foundation of good health. She is co-author of, and is an active member of the Paleo Diet community.
Coaching and sports rehab have always been a big part of Jenn’s life- she worked at a Special Needs Therapeutic Equestrian Center in high school, coached high school lacrosse and worked closely with Sports Medicine specialists while she pursued her BS in Biology at the University of Notre Dame. While she currently works as a scientist, Jenn also volunteers at the NYU Center for Musculoskeletal Care and is pursuing a future in physical therapy, with a focus on pediatrics.
“The CrossFit Kids Program is an amazing way to develop a passion for fitness and an understanding of nutrition at an early age, all while the kids are having a great time. We are forging well-rounded athletes, with functional fitness that will help them achieve so much outside of the gym.”

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