Reebok Crossfit 5thave


Michael Ramirez

Michael Ramirez began as a regular athlete intrigued by CrossFit. Instantly, he fell in love with what we call the sport of Fitness. After spending countless hours everyday in the gym, he went out and became Level 1 Certified. He took on the role as a trainer at IMT helping others reach their lifetime fitness goals.

Always being involved in school sports, Michael began to concentrate on Martial Arts and Basketball as he grew older. A few years after high school, a very close friend introduced him to CrossFit with a 14min AMRAP that forever changed his outlook on what being fit really was.

Since that day, Michael began to evolve a love for the sport and what it stood for. Not just a fitness regimen but a certain lifestyle. “What had my attention from the start was how CrossFit could challenge any athlete that stepped into the box. It didn’t cater to anyone specifically. This is the sport for every one.”


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