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Don’t Focus on the “Summer Body”; Focus on You

It’s easy to train just for looks — and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that! If you come into one of our gyms with the singular goal of training to look better, we’re going to be able to help you get there. And for many New Yorkers and Miami residents, the goals is to look better naked. No judgement, we can certainly help with that, too. But don’t forget the many other benefits a holistic strength and conditioning program can have for you, both mentally and physically.

If you’re keeping up with the latest CrossFit news and watching sports on TV, you’ll see some fantastic bodies. That’s because athletic, functional bodies often look great, and it’s an ideal we all aspire to. Form doesn’t always equal function, and there’s a great diversity of form when it comes to moving heavy loads fast, or just moving fast. Even if you’re training for a better summer look, we recommend you don’t think of that as your one and only goal. Getting stronger, fitter, and more mobile are all worth signposts in your fitness journey.

Sure, celebrate your developing physique! But don’t forget that the mirror (and scale) doesn’t tell the entire story. We all have our own baggage when it comes to our bodies, and it’s something we don’t need to hide or pretend like we don’t have. Is it worth giving up your strength gains and starving yourself for some more definition? Do you want to look great on vacation but struggle to stay awake physically because you’ve lost weight too fast or are in too extreme a caloric deficit?

You’re an adult and will make your own decisions. But we recommend you look at a broad scope of wellness before barreling headfirst into a focus on bikini season. Ultimately, what’s sustainable long term will be more valuable than a crash diet or three-a-day cardio to “trim up” for one Hamptons beach party.

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