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Fitness Hitting a Snag? Change Up Your Schedule!

Fitness is a skill set, one that can be honed and dialed in over time. And as with growth in any capacity, we sometimes hit snags or plateaus that seem to halt growth in its tracks. But there’s one quick “lifehack” we encourage members to explore when it comes to stalling out on fitness progress, whether it’s strength or endurance. And it’s remarkably simple, a change that — in theory — shouldn’t cost you any time at all.

Change up your exercise schedule.

Okay, so a schedule change probably won’t end up being time-neutral. But it is a great way to break up your stale routine and may even fight procrastination. (How many days in the past few months have you missed a class at Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave when you probably could have fit it in?)

Most often, we see clients having a ton of success temporarily (or permanently if they love it enough) switching from evening to morning classes. The shift gives them a burst of energy heading into work, and their sleep also improves because they’re not exercising too close to bedtime.

Switching up your workout time is one of the simplest ways to improve exercise quality and progress we’ve ever encountered. This month, consider giving it a go, and make some new friends in different CrossFit classes here at 5th!

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