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Looking Back on a Year of CrossFit

Today marks my one year anniversary with Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave, and they were kind enough to send an email to mark the occasion! Over the past year, I have made some great decisions about my fitness, eating habits, and overall well-being.

I used to be a competitive cyclist in the world of BMX, but unfortunately had to leave the sport due to priorities with life and my career in the entertainment industry as a Camera Assistant. I had to leave behind a sponsorship with CycleCraft BMX, along with memories and relationships I had developed with people who I’d known for over 10 years. It was tough to walk away from something that was so good in my life.

After leaving the sport, I spent three years traveling and working hard to try to find my place in a very demanding industry. I lost track of what it meant to be in shape and how it felt to be competitive. I gained a lot of unwanted weight and became inactive in sports and cycling. My self-confidence was dwindling, and my appearance changed quickly. I turned to drinking and unhealthy eating for a while, creating problems at my work and in my personal life. My sister, Angela Nawrocki, a wonderful Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer, was in better shape then me after having a kid — and I raced bicycles for almost 14 years! She spoke to me about CrossFit and how it could bring back my competitive side (and fitness). Luckily, I worked on GQ’s Fighting Weight series, which introduced me to CrossFit and the 5th Ave Family.

I started on a path that would make me both mentally and physically happy with myself. And through all of the blood from pull-ups, bruises from power cleans, perspiration from the grueling workouts that left sweat angels on the floor, tears from pushing myself beyond my limits and finishing when I thought I couldn’t, having the whole box standing around me and screaming at me, I have become the most fit I have ever been.

I’ve pushed past goals that even surprised some of the coaches. It’s been a tough road, but nothing worth having is easy. Waking up at 4am to make a 5am class, then having a set call at 7am and working a 14-hour day. Nor is finding a box while traveling for work, or working through nagging injuries from my cycling days. I’ve learned to push myself, fight for it. I have become fully devoted to working through it and making myself fitter and stronger, even catching some flack from my co-workers, roommates, and family on how I’ve become “obsessed” with CrossFit.

For me, it’s not an obsession — it’s a LIFESTYLE. And it makes me feel good. The energy I get from CrossFit is like no other, and it helps carry me through the toughest of tasks on a daily basis, all with the feeling of having a family standing behind me rooting me on. Everyone I have met in CrossFit has become a fast friend.

This next year will be an interesting one as I set out to compete in my first CrossFit competition and obstacle race. I cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for me!

Everyday I pass four other boxes on the hour subway ride to and from Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave and I never look back! This is my family. This box is the one that drives me to be the best. These are my ninjas, and this is my lair. I would like to say thank to Megan, Bo, Jared, Liz, and Bobby and all of the other staff at RCF for a great year. And to the coaches around to the nation at other boxes who have pushed me past the unknown, thank you so much for your support over the year. Many more years to come!


Adam Gonzalez


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  1. AdamGonz

    Thanks for posting my story! I really appreciate it. And I hope it inspires!

  2. Katie

    We love Adam!

    1. AdamGonz

      Awe…I love you back :)

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