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Tips on Having a Great Gym Experience

Every RhinoCo gym puts client experience above all else, but that doesn’t mean your workout can’t be improved with a little planning up front. Follow the tips below to get more out of your training experience each and every time!

1. Think about nutrition. Haven’t eaten all day, dehydrated, and tired after work? That’s not the best situation for heading into training. Take care of yourself throughout the day and come hydrated (and ideally not too hungry) to enhance training focus and performance.

2. Pack the right gear. Pack your gear the night before to ensure you’ve got everything you need for a workout (though we’ve seen folks set squat PRs in dress shoes…). Forget something? Fortunately, we have a Reebok FitHub just up the steps!Prioritize Security.

3. Mind your belongings. Security is a top priority at our boxes, but ultimately, you are the best person to keep your things secure. Before, during, and after your workout, take some actionable steps to keep your stuff secure while you exercise.

4. Come rested! No sleep? Bad workout. Prioritize rest in order to get the best results from exercise — it’s important to recovery, gains, etc.!

5. Make training a priority. The day can get away from anyone very, very quickly. To make sure your workout doesn’t fall in the trash bin, make it an important item on your to-do list.

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